Do you really need support?

I did not recieve my winning

Make sure your tradelink in settings is set right. Also make sure if your inventory is private (bot cannot send offers to accounts with private inventories).

My inventory is public and tradelink is right, and I still have not recieved my winning

Steam may have some issues. The bot will try to resend the offer every minute for 1 hour. Wait patiently.

The winning I recieved is low

There is 5-10% commision depending on the size of the prize and bonuses.

I cannot deposit items

There is a possibility that your previous deposit got stuck (Steam trading is not always reliable). Wait 5 minutes before trying to join again.

System priced my item lower/higher than what I see on Steam Market

The prices are taken from Steam Market once a day. There may be a price fluctuation of that particular item and there is nothing we can do about it.

I still need support

Send us e-mail at winfortuneco(at) and we will look into the issue ASAP!